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I want to copy all the words of the searchable dictionary ( and paste them in a Word document to print them.

Is there any way to copy all the words without having to deal with copying them one by one?

Thank you.

  • Yes, there are several ways. But first, note that you're using a very old version of the dictionary that hasn't been updated for over two years. Try the one at instead. It even has pictures!
    • Click the Xerca button with nothing in the search box. That will display the entire dictionary (it may take a few seconds), and you can copy it to a Word document in one go.
    • Or do the same, but start by clicking the Elejes button and selecting "conveninte per primi". When you click Xerca, the browser will display the entire dictionary in a more paper-friendly layout.
    • Click Elejes, then download either "Testo cru (engles)" or "Testo cru (completa)". These are simple files that contain the entire dictionary in a format that's easy to search in a plain text editor. The latter is larger because it contains translations into other languages than English. Simon
  • If you just want a pure list of the words, with no definitions or translations, go to Elejes and deselect everything in the Mostra section, and (optionally, if you just want a list of the roots) deselect "derivadas" under "Xerca en". Simon
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