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Sorry for writing in English, I am only a recent elefen learner!

After discovering the language, I saw that it didn't have a logo yet, only a flag, so I opened Photoshop and made this:

Version without typography:

The original drawing was made by Oliver Herford, an american storywriter and illustrator, for his book "This Giddy Globe" in 1919, so it is now in the public domain ( What I did was color it, add the elefen flag to the hat, and add the name of the language below.

If you would like to use it for anything, you have my permission to include it wherever you want. It would be great to have an official logo for the language!

I will also try to do a version of it with curved text. It may look better.

Greetings from Spain.

Nicolás Colla

  • Hi Nicolás. The logo is distinctive and I like it. But do you think the rainbow stripes on the hat make it look a bit like a traffic cone? Simon
    • Hi Simon. After messing around a bit with the program, I have made two modifications of the logo to see which one do you like more. I have made a version with a normal hat without the flag: and another one without the hat: Please note that the colors are not definitive, and could be changed to the colors that we think would be better, and that I could also make any modification to it after a request. I am also thinking about how to include the colors of the flag -or the flag- in the logo; any idea or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Nicolás

I like it, too. The lettering not so much. Perhaps if the rainbow stripes were simply horizontal on the hat? However, I'm not sure if we should have only one official logo - I like variety. But it could certainly pop up in a variety of places in our webpages. jorj

All the versions made so far:

-Version 1:

-Version 2:

-Version 3:

-Version 4:

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