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Is there a way I can download a reasonably complete list of words in LFN? I am aware of the searchable dictionary, but all I can do there is search for words. I want to see if I can make a couple of word puzzle games in LFN. For that, I need a word list. Daniel

  • No problem. If you click the "Elejes" button in the dictionary, you'll see a link I've just added, called "Radises". It'll give you a list of all the roots in the dictionary. Simon
  • Or here, more simply! Simon
    • Yeah.
  • Another way of achieving the same thing is to use the "Elejes" panel ("elejes" means "options"). Deselect all of the options other than "Trova: tota", "Xerca en: lfn", and "Mostra: radises", then click the "Xerca" button. Simon
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